Harvard has released a (poorly digitized and barely navigable but nonetheless fascinating) collection of rare mushroom illustrations. Pair with the stunning Natural Histories, exploring the history of scientific illustration. 


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Chris Engman

Artist’s statement:

My work takes the human condition as its central theme and examines the most fundamental of issues: the inexplicable fact of our existence, the ungraspable experience of time, and the illusive and unknowable nature of reality.

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Work by Jason Padgett, a man with Acquired Savant Syndrome who now sees all of reality as mathematical fractals describable by equations. 


The beauty of numbers and their connection to the pure geometry of space time and the universe is shown in his fractal diagrams…He is currently studying how all fractals arise from limits and how E=MC2 is itself a fractal. When he first started drawing he had no traditional math training and could only draw what he saw as math. Eventually a physicist saw his drawings and helped him get traditional mathematics training to be able to describe in equations the complex geometry of his drawings. He is currently a student studying mathematics in Washington state where he is learning traditional mathematics so he can better describe what he sees in a more traditional form. Many of the captions were written before he had any traditional math training. His drawing of E=MC^2 is based on the structure of space time at the quantum level and is based on the concept that there is a physical limit to observation which is the Planck length. It shows how at the smallest level, the structure of space time is a fractal…So sit back and enjoy the beauty of naturally occuring mathematics in pure geometric form connecting E=MC2 (energy) to art. All are HAND DRAWN using only a pencil, ruler and compass. 

These are amazing!

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Carta a una amiga

Se va a enterar que terminé con Mauro en Febrero de este año, que ya estoy terminando mi carrera, trabajo en el mismo lugar, vivo en el mismo lugar; solo tengo un amigo nuevo. Le cuento que  las cosas no han cambiado mucho, pero en esta alma han habido tormentas, huracanes, veranos cortos e inviernos interminables. Tengo la misma cara, uso la misma ropa, pero soy otra si me miran a los ojos.  El curso de las cosas continúa esperando la primavera. 

Usted sigue siendo importante aquí… Mucho.


Heaven Have Mercy by dihaze

Que hermoso baile

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Gorgeous body art of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are and other iconic children’s books.

Adoro esta película pero el tatuaje de ella lo tengo en mi mente 

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Daft Punk by Kelsey Thor

Thor-illustration.com // Society6

Daft Punk♥

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On the set of Rustam Hamdamov’s film Rubies. Photos by Sergei Tabunov. (via Seance.)

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B+R by Elian Tuya Villena
Artist: Blog / Facebook / Behance
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B+R by Elian Tuya Villena

Artist: Blog / Facebook / Behance

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Saben arrullar y quitar el frio


Still working. Added pencil detail and shading to the bottom of the “dress”.

Me inspiró para volver a intentar con mis acuarelas

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